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When recommending a home inspector (I get asked this question with almost every transaction), I am aware of all of the things over the years, that I have personally learned about taking care of a home from a home inspector.  Typically, when we buy our first home, no one tells us how to maintain this home so that repairs are minimal.  It's like changing the oil in your car ... but I have never found anywhere to change the oil in my home!  If only it were that easy!  But, keep bushes and vegetation away from your home, keeping moss and debris off your roof - simple things like that can make a difference.  

Therefore, when I am asked to recommend a home inspector, I choose ones that I have worked with, found to be thorough, yet knowledgeable in telling the buyer what is wrong, as well as what to do to fix the problem.  That way, a potential buyer can make the decision whether or not he can fix it himself, or whether to ask the seller to fix ... or walk away from the home.  

The satisfaction a realtor gets from a recommendation, is knowing that the job will be done right, and is in the best interest of their client.  

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